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Join us online Dec 1st from 7-7:45pm for our first online Chess Tournament. 

Who: Any Maurice Cody students of all grades and playing levels. 

Cost: Entry is free, however we are collecting contributions from families if they wish, via School Cash Online. Any funds raised will go towards providing classrooms with print resources for class libraries and additional physical education and music resources. Contributions of any amount are much appreciated but please note, it is not mandatory to contribute to participate.  Contributions will be accepted from Nov 23rd to Dec 4th.

Please let us know if you have any questions at:

Steps to Participate:

  1. Go to and register with any username and password (scroll down for our internet safety reminders)
  2. Request to join the Maurice Cody Team here
  3. Each participant must complete this form to be accepted to our private Maurice Cody group. You will receive a notification on the Lichess platform when accepted.
  4. Return to the Maurice Cody Team page and click on the tournament’s name. Connect to the tournament by clicking on the green “Join” button.

For Internet Safety – Please remember:

  • Don’t use a username that is your real name or any indication of who you are. This is a worldwide platform, the username is public information.
  • Don’t share your password.
  • While students are participating within the Maurice Cody team tournament, they are only playing other students from our school so the team chat is safe.  
  • Please note that if students choose to play outside the Maurice Cody team forum, they are playing individuals from all over the world.  The only communication channel in Lichess is the chat, so good advice is to instruct your child not to chat with strangers in the general chat. They can play with anyone without chatting.

Cody Spirit Wear

Cody Sprit Wear Pick-up & Delivery:

All clothing items will be delivered to the school by December 14th. They will then be quarantined for 3 days and given to your child (in its package) on Friday December 18th.

There will be no curbside pick-up at the school but you do have the option of having the clothing delivered to your residence (for an extra fee).  If you choose that option, you must ensure you indicate that at the online checkout.

*Due to Health & Safety guidelines, there are no size samples at the school or store

*For any other customer service inquires please call Eagle Beaver Sports at 416-759-9997

Family and School Association (FSA) Update

The minutes are now posted from the November meeting! Click here to view them now.

The agenda for the Nov 10th FSA Meeting:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Community Safety Update (No Idling Signs, Roehampton Update)
  3. Fundraising Updates  (Chess tournament, Toques, Camp Onondaga Trivia Night, Fundraiser for additional print resources)
  4. Financial Update
  5. Parent Rep Update (We’ve just received the forms to put together class lists.  Teachers have asked to wait until after report cards to finalize parent rep contacts.)
  6. Principal and VP Updates
  7. Adjournment

Next meeting is December 8th 6:30pm.

Halloween Staff Treats

Surprised our Cody Staff with some hot beverages from our wonderful Cody families!

Toronto Public Health Guide

We’ve compiled some of the Toronto Public Health information to help you determine if your child should attend school. Note, there are different instructions supplied by Toronto Public Health if a classroom is compromised. Please follow the instructions they send you if that is the case.

Click here  to read more.

Morning Entry and Protocols

When entering the school grounds we are asking that all students, staff and family members wear their mask during morning entry and dismissal

Also the field and playground is off limits until 8:30 am and from 3:20 pm until 6 pm as the Maurice Cody Childcare Centre is utilizing the field and all playground spaces during those times

Click Map to Enlarge

Note: Start times are 8:40am, 8:45am, 8:50am and 8:55am. You will be notified ahead of time.

TDSB Student Health Pass

  • A parent/guardian will PRINT, SIGN and DATE the TDSB Student Health Pass daily and student will then bring to school to present upon entry.
  • Click here to print:  TDSB DAILY PASS
  • If a student does not have form but has symptoms, they will go to wellness room and parent/guardian will be called to pick them up
  • If a student does not have form but has no symptoms, they will proceed to class and a parent/guardian will be called

Note: All information can be found in the Cody Handbook for 2020 / 21 school year.

Lunch Routine

  • For those students, Gr. 1-5,  going home for lunch your child will be escorted to the same door they entered in the morning
  • When returning back from lunch, students in Grades 1, 2 and the 2/3s are to return to the main playground and the lunchroom supervisor will guide each child to their zone
  • When returning back from lunch, students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 are to enter through Door #1 (main entrance) at 12:35pm
  • FDK families please email your teacher for pick up and drop off locations.

End of Day Dismissal Map

Click Map to Enlarge

Virtual Learning to In Person

The TDSB Virtual School will be in touch with you if you’ve signed up  for remote learning. Students will be taught by either a centrally assigned TDSB teacher or a TDSB teacher who has chosen to teach remotely. Students will share a remote classroom with other schools.

If you decide you’d like to switch to in-person learning, there are three opportunities to do so.

  1. Deadline September 30th, in class start date October 13th
  2. Deadline January 29th, following distribution of 1st Term Report Cards, in class start date February 16th

Virtual Learning Websiteclick here