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The FSA Needs your Extra Metal Cutlery!

Calling all Cody Families tidying up your kitchen drawers and basements!

We would like your metal forks, spoons and table knives that you are no longer using (and don’t want back!).

Copy, paste and complete the details below and email for easy pick up from your front step, porch or mailbox sometime on Friday, May 27. Please do NOT send them to school.

Send an email to:

Yes! I have some extra metal cutlery tools for pick up!

My address:

Details where to look for the tools (porch, mailbox, side door?):

Please have your cutlery out by 8 am on Friday, May 27! (Don’t worry! You’ll receive a reminder email the night before to put them outside.)

What will they be used for?

All metal tools will be sanitized and ready for use at the Cody Spring Fair BBQ as tools for toppings. Everyone wins! You get rid of some things you aren’t using AND the Cody Community works together to reduce our impact on the Earth by not using disposable cutlery which needs to be produced and then disposed. And – with proper cleaning and storage, this cutlery can be used again and again at future Cody events.

Grade 5 Grad Popsicle Sale Fundraiser

In case you missed it - FSA Meeting Slides!

Here are the slides from the May 10 FSA Meeting.

Spring Fair!

Please sign up to volunteer!

Join us for a day of family fun!

Activities include all your past favourites and more:

  • Bouncy Castles and Games!     

  • Raffles and Prizes!

  • Bake Sale!

  • Cake Walk!

  • Used Book Sale!

  • Salon and Spa!

  • Duck Races!

  • BBQ and Treats Galore!

Currently we are looking for help with our BBQ table!  Sign up here:

See you there!


Pizza Day is Back!

If you have ordered pizza, you must bring your own reusable container to be your pizza plate. Just pack it in your lunch bag along with the rest of your lunch. As a bonus, kids can then easily pack up any leftover pizza to eat later.
Let’s eliminate the need for single-use items and reduce food waste! The Cody Community can help our planet! Say “no thanks” to disposable paper plates and reduce food waste.

Lunch Lady Survey

Do you want to see Lunch Lady Return, or not?  Fill out our 1 question survey and have your say!

In case you missed the FSA Meeting...

Here is a link to the presentation!

Covid Town Hall Recording Now Posted

The recording has been linked in our COVID19 Info page, if you missed it, check it out!

Lunch Routine

  • If students remain at school over the lunch hour, they will eat lunch in their classrooms.

For more information, please visit our COVID-19 page.