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Principal and VP Bios

Thanks to Rob Hochberg and Gillian Lea for providing some information for their bios.

COVID Test Kits Available at Cody!

The Hospital for Sick Children is pleased to provide the COVID-19 Saliva Testing Program in partnership with Maurice Cody PS. Under this program, we are able to offer COVID-19 saliva test kits for symptomatic staff, students, and household members, or those who have been identified by Toronto Public Health (TPH) as a high risk/close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 positive case. We also offer cohort and/or outbreak testing as recommended by TPH.

Through participation in this program, we hope to provide a test that is painless and accessible, reduce COVID-19 cases in our school, keep schools open, promote healthy childhood development, and support the health and safety of your community.

The kits have now arrived at the school and are available on an as needed basis. If you are in need of a kit please contact the school office to arrange for pick up.

Interested In Getting More Involved with the FSA?

Want to volunteer?  Visit this Google Form and share the area(s) you are interested in.  We will then reach out to help get you involved!


The FSA is always looking for more parent volunteers.  Whether you have a little time or a lot, there are many ways you can help.

You can read more about the Executive and the positions up for election this fall.

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Maurice Cody PS - Welcome Back 21/22 School Year

In case you missed the e-mail, here are the 4 documents that were included in the welcome back note!  Click on each to open, print and/or download.  Please complete the two forms and send them with the student on the first day.

Useful Back to School Health Links

The Toronto Public Health school related COVID-19 information for parents and caregivers can be found here.

Screening Questionnaire can be found here. 

Link to the health pass can be found here. 

Morning Entry and Protocols

  • All grade 3/4/5 students will line up at the back of the school (on the turf or tarmac) at entry time. There will not be a staggered start this year.
  • Grade 1/2 students will begin the year lining up with parents.
  • Kindergarten students will line up, with parent, at their assigned entrance.  More details can be found in the Safe Return to School Document.

TDSB Student Health Pass

  • Before coming to school each day, all students must conduct an active student health screening self-assessment. This is the most up-to-date screening tool from Toronto Public Health and has key changes from last year’s tool, including:

    • A shortened list of symptoms that are most commonly associated with COVID-19
    • Consideration for immunization status
    • Revised isolation period protocols
    • Revised international travel protocols 
    • Consideration for rapid or home-based self-testing kits

    If, based on the answers, you are clear to come to school, you must either complete the TDSB Health Pass (paper) or the TDSB Daily Health Screening app, to enter the school.

Lunch Routine

  • If students remain at school over the lunch hour, they will eat lunch in their classrooms.

For more information, please visit our COVID-19 page.