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Cody Online Chess Club

Chess is now done for the school year. 

Beginning Tuesday, March 9th and continuing every Tuesday, Cody students are invited to participate in our first ever Online Chess Team! Participants will compete in friendly games against each other and then once a month have a tournament. All skill levels are welcome and all Cody students are invited.

If you’d like to join please visit: User guide – Lichess registration process and Maurice Cody team enrollment and follow the step by step user guide.

If you participated in our Online Chess Tournament previously then there is no need to register, just login on Tuesday and start playing! 

TDSB Screening Tool

Changes to the school screening tool include:

  • Household member has symptoms: If anyone in your household has one or more COVID-19 symptoms, all children and adults who attend a school setting must stay home from school until COVID-19 has been ruled out. If the household member with one or more symptoms does not go for testing, the children and adults in the home who attend a school setting must stay home for 10 days.
  • Household member has travelled: If anyone in your household has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, all children and adults who attend a school setting must stay home from school until the person who travelled completes the federally-required 14 days of self-isolation. If the individual is exempt from this self-isolation because they perform an essential job (e.g. truck driver, pilot), the rest of the household can still attend school.
  • Close contact of someone who had COVID-19: If anyone in your household is self-isolating at home because they were a close contact of someone who had COVID-19, all children in the household will need to stay home from school until the person who was a close contact completes the 14 days of self-isolation.

Follow-up Instructions if you’ve been tested for COVID-19: Click here

Student Health Pass can be found: here

Mr Tomasino - going the distance

Maurice Cody JPS teacher John Tomasino and Melanie Locke are connected by a passion for distance running. And in a year that has kept us isolated and apart, John and Melanie came together to support one another.  Watch this truly amazing and inspirational video on TSN: Bell Lets Talk: Going the Distance

Thank you Cody Staff!

This was sent to our admin just before 9am:
SURPRISE! Could you please read the following message over the PA system 9:00 AM to be heard by faculty, staff, and students! Thank you.
“The Maurice Cody parent community is here, standing outside the doors of this incredible school, to celebrate all of the exceptional teachers and staff. Thank you for keeping our children safe, for making school fun and for continuing to provide an incredible education. At this moment, we would like the teachers and staff to listen, and look out their windows as possible – the bells, claps, and cheers that you hear are for you. Maurice Cody students, please stand up, along with the parents standing outside, and show your appreciation for your incredible teachers by clapping and cheering.”

Cody Food Drive

TDSB and TPH Revised Screening Protocols

Toronto Public Health has updated its COVID-19 student screening tool to prevent further opportunities for virus spread. Decision Guide has been updated as well. 

As part of this guidance, if a child has one or more new, or worsening COVID-19 symptoms, parents will now be required to:

  1. Keep child home.
  2. Keep siblings and other children home, even if they do not have symptoms.
  3. Arrange for the child to get tested or contact their health care provider.
  4. Without testing, the child must stay home for 10 days.
  5. Monitor the family for symptoms. Adults must stay home if they have one or more symptom.

The TDSB will begin using this new screening guidance starting Monday, December 7, 2020. New Student Health Pass can be found here.

Toronto Public Health Guide

We’ve compiled some of the Toronto Public Health information to help you determine if your child should attend school. Note, there are different instructions supplied by Toronto Public Health if a classroom is compromised. Please follow the instructions they send you if that is the case.

Click here  to read more.

Morning Entry and Protocols

When entering the school grounds we are asking that all students, staff and family members wear their mask during morning entry and dismissal

Also the field and playground is off limits until 8:30am and from 3:20pm until 6pm as the Maurice Cody Childcare Centre is utilizing the field and all playground spaces during those times

Click Map to Enlarge

Note: Start times are 8:40am, 8:45am, 8:50am and 8:55am. You will be notified ahead of time.

TDSB Student Health Pass

  • A parent/guardian will PRINT, SIGN and DATE the TDSB Student Health Pass daily and student will then bring to school to present upon entry.
  • Click here to print:  TDSB DAILY PASS
  • If a student does not have form but has symptoms, they will go to wellness room and parent/guardian will be called to pick them up
  • If a student does not have form but has no symptoms, they will proceed to class and a parent/guardian will be called

Note: All information can be found in the Cody Handbook for 2020 / 21 school year.

Lunch Routine

  • When returning back from lunch, students in Grades 1, 2 and the 2/3s are to return to the main playground and the lunchroom supervisor will guide each child to their zone
  • When returning back from lunch, students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 are to enter through Door #1 (main entrance) at 12:35pm
  • FDK families please email your teacher for pick up and drop off locations.

End of Day Dismissal Map

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