Principal Nigro

A Note from Our Principal, Mr Robert Nigro

Dear Parents/Guardians and Caregivers,
Bienvenue and welcome back to another school year! I hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable summer with your family and friends. My name is Robert Nigro and I am proud to be the Principal of Maurice Cody PS! The summer months give us all an opportunity to recharge the batteries from the last school year, reflect on the successes as well as the areas of growth, and also gives us a chance to reset our goals for the upcoming school year. As we look forward to September, I wanted to share with you a brief bio of my educational experiences to help provide a better sense of who I am. I have been working with children, and in the field of education for close to 20 years. During that time, I have had the privilege of working in schools and communities in various educational settings across the city specializing in Science, Social Studies, Languages and Health and Physical Education. As an administrator, I will be going into my eighth year and have worked in a variety of schools including Arlington Middle School, Rawlinson Community School and most recently J.R. Wilcox Community School. During my years as a teacher and an administrator, I have learned that regardless of educational settings and experiences, all children can succeed. As an educator, first and foremost, I firmly believe that the centre of any conversation I have with you, or my staff, will always be about your child first. It is that partnership that is essential to ensure that the conditions for your child’s learning are aligned to see them succeed, be happy, and feel safe. Regardless of life circumstances, changes, and obstacles that may lie ahead of us, I see it is an opportunity to learn and grow. It is this type of positive mindset that has allowed me to personally and professionally achieve various goals in my life, from completing two marathons to ‎being part of the IB (International Baccalaureate) authorization at my most recent school. As your Principal, I am committed to working with you and our amazing staff to see that‎ your child’s educational years at Cody are an enriching and rewarding experience for them. As we work together, this attitude will be necessary to developing them into independent learners, positive role models, leaders, and global citizens who are willing to make a difference. It is these core values and beliefs that motivated me into being an educator, and it is this passion and excitement that I look forward to sharing with you all as your Principal. ‎My door is always open for your feedback and/or assistance. I look forward to the year ahead and the partnerships that we will build together ‎to continue making Cody the amazing place it already is!

Robert Nigro
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