Sports Hall of Fame

Cody Sports Hall of Fame 2018/19

Boys Slo-Pitch

Grade 5 Boys Slo-pitch City Finalists

Track and Field Finals

Grade 5 Boys Track and Field Relay first place winners!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

Track and Field

Coed Volleyball

Conference Finalists!

Coed Hockey Team

Conference Finalists! You played a great season!

Girls Volleyball Team

Great Season Team Yellow
Congratulations Team Maroon

Boys Basketball

Congratulations Boys Basketball

Boys Volleyball

Conference Finalists for Team Maroon
Congratulations Team Yellow

Girls Basketball

Congratulations on becoming Conference Finalists

Soccer Boys and Girls

October 2018
Gr 4/5 Boys City Finalists
Gr 4/5 Girls Conference Champions

Cross Country Run

October 2018

Terry Fox Run/Walk

September 2018

Cody Sports Hall of Fame 2017/18

Track and Field

Congratulations to some of our Track and Field students on their successful track day. A lot of hard work and a lot of fun!

Slo Pitch Gr 4/5

Congratulations Conference Champions

Congratulations Girls on the Semi-Finals win

Ultimate Frisbee Gr 4/5

April/May season
Congratulations Ultimate Frisbee team

Coed Gr 5 Volleyball

March/April season
Congratulations Conference Finalists!

Boys Gr 4/5 Basketball

January/February season
Congratulations Conference Champions
Congratulations Team Maroon on a fun season

Coed Gr 4/5 Hockey

December/January season
Congratulations making it to the playoffs

Boys Gr 4/5 Volleyball

December 2017 season
Congratulations on a fun season

Boys Gr 4/5 Soccer

October 2017 season
Congratulations on a great season

Cross Country

September 2017

Cody Sports Hall of Fame 2016/17

Cody Sports Hall of Fame 2015/16