After Hours Events

2020/21 School Year​

Mr Tomasino - going the distance​

Maurice Cody JPS teacher John Tomasino and Melanie Locke are connected by a passion for distance running. And in a year that has kept us isolated and apart, John and Melanie came together to support one another.  Watch this truly amazing and inspirational video on TSN: Bell Lets Talk: Going the Distance

Thank you Cody Staff!​

This was sent to our admin just before 9am:

Could you please read the following message over the PA system 9:00 AM to be heard by faculty, staff, and students! Thank you.

“The Maurice Cody parent community is here, standing outside the doors of this incredible school, to celebrate all of the exceptional teachers and staff. Thank you for keeping our children safe, for making school fun and for continuing to provide an incredible education. At this moment, we would like the teachers and staff to listen, and look out their windows as possible – the bells, claps, and cheers that you hear are for you. Maurice Cody students, please stand up, along with the parents standing outside, and show your appreciation for your incredible teachers by clapping and cheering.”

2019/20 School Year

Skating Party

Winter Fair Memories

Cody Howl - our parent only evening

Movie Night on the Turf

Thank you to everyone who makes this night run so smoothly.

Choir Performance at Metropolitan United Church

2018/19 School Year

2017/18 School Year

Cody Annual Family Skating Party

Winter Fair