Cross Safe

Cross Safe Program now available in Davisville Village

As most of you may have noticed, the streets around Maurice Cody have been getting busier and busier, especially during drop off and pick up times. Drivers are often in a rush, distracted and impatient. Many of our kids walk to and from school and we want to keep them as safe as possible. 

Concerned Davisville Village Parents have come together to launch a new ‘Cross Safe’ Flag Crossing Program. The goal of this program is to make pedestrians more visible to cars, and drivers to be more aware of people crossing. We are rolling out this program at five busy intersections:

  • Cleveland Street & Hillsdale Avenue East
  • Cleveland Street & Soudan Avenue
  • Forman Avenue & Millwood Road
  • Forman Avenue & Manor Road East
  • Cheston Road & Belsize Drive

The goal of this program is to make our kids more visible while crossing the street and drivers more aware of pedestrians. 


At each of the corners of these intersections there will be canisters (attached to poles) containing bright orange flags. When crossing: 

These bright, eye-catching flags will make pedestrians more visible to drivers and provide an extra measure of safety at intersections that do not have a crossing guard.
We encourage parents to discuss this new safety program with their kids and help them learn to use the flags properly. An in-school presentation will also take place.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email