Class Rep

  1. Attend monthly FSA meetings whenever possible and keep abreast of happenings at Cody. Should parents in your class have questions or concerns, but cannot attend a meeting, you can convey questions and answers for them

  2. Collect for a class gift for the teacher at the holidays and end of year,

  3. Pass along part of collection at the holidays and end of year to the FSA to purchase gifts for non-core classroom Cody staff (i.e. Music, Library, Resource and Physical Education teachers, Custodial and Office Administrative Staff, Administration, and many more!),

  4. Create a class list, and confirm who wants to be part of the list,

  5. Forward all emails from the FSA to your class parents (using bcc. please!) within 24 hours of receiving them,

  6. Meet/email with your teacher (if desired by teacher) to outline how you are best of use to them and their class,

  7. Other as-required tasks.

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