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Parent Speaker:

This year’s PRO Grant Speaker is Alyson Schafer and the topic is How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragic Events.

About Alyson Schafer:

Alyson Schafer is a family counsellor, author and internationally acclaimed parenting expert who empowers families by sharing her principles, rules and tools for raising happy and healthy kids. Parents can count on help from Alyson whether they are simply looking for a bite size tip to see them through a melt down or delve further to transform their family life. Her style is fast, witty, warm and encouraging. Alyson delivers her deep insights in ways that today’s busy parents can easily understand and apply immediately.

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About the Topic

With the recent events in Toronto, and abroad, children are privy to information about catastrophic events that happen around the world. How do we, as parents, help to address their questions, or concerns. How do we help a child who may develop anxiety around these events, and how do we reassure them that they are safe? Many parents do not know how to talk to their kids when it comes to events like these. Often, parents find themselves brushing off the seriousness of the event, thereby leaving their kids with questions to find answers from their peers, or older siblings who may not always give accurate or age-appropriate answers.

Working with an expert, we will learn positive wording for a variety of age groups (kindergarten. Primary, junior), and what to do when asked tough questions.

Time and date:

October 17, 2018, Maurice Cody P.S. gymnasium.

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Kindly note that there will be no child-minding at this event.