Raffle Extravaganza

$20 for 10 tickets!!

  • 17 amazing raffle prize packages to choose from and one BONUS raffle prize that every Cody student will be entered into for free and have the opportunity to win!!
  • Raffle closes on Friday Dec 10 with winners to be announced by Mr. Hochberg and Ms Lea during the last week of school before the holiday break. The lucky winners can take home their prizes after school that day or pick up from the office during the last week.
  • What will the raffle proceeds be used for I hear you ask!? Class and STEAM enrichment activities designed for our kindergarten, primary and junior grades which may vary from class to class and includes programs like Scientist in the School and the Spark reading program.

How to Enter the Raffle (3 easy steps):

Step 1: Check out the 17 awesome raffle prizes below we have available just in time for the holidays!

Step 2: Use an e-transfer to treasurer@mauricecody.ca to buy your raffle tickets.  $20 for 10 tickets.  Buy as many $20 increments as you want!

Step 3: Email contactfsa@mauricecody.ca with the following details:

  • Name on e-transfer (i.e. parent name/person purchasing)
  • Name of student and teacher name or classroom number (e.g. Britney Spears, Room 121 or Britney Spears, Mr.  Tomasino). 
  • How many tickets purchased and raffle item numbers (1-17) that you are purchasing tickets for. E.G. 10 tickets purchased, 5 tickets for item #4 and 5 tickets for item #9. 

  • If you have more than one child you want to buy raffle tickets for you can indicate that in the email. E.G. 10 tickets purchased, 5 tickets for Britney Spears (Room 121/Tomasino) item #4 and 5 tickets for The Weeknd (Room 106/Ms Brown) item #9.

Note: All students will have a chance to win the Bonus Prize!

Thank you to our sponsors!

Jamie Dempster

Bonus Raffle Item!

All students will have their name entered into a bonus raffle including a $100 MakerKids gift card, Cody Cap and some other surprises! 

Purchase Tickets for these Amazing Raffle Prizes!

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