Did you know?

There is great parking just a ½ block away in any direction from the school.

Walking with your children to cross at the intersection is extra quality time together to start the day.

Neighbours aren’t asking to have their driveways blocked every day. Even for a couple of minutes.

Kiss & Ride volunteers are moms and dads just like you who prefer smiles to shouts.

Kiss & Ride is available each school morning from 8:30-8:40am, rain, sleet, snow or sun, for grades 1-5.

There is no drop-off zone on Cleveland, even if it is more convenient for you.

Three point turns are never just 3 points and are never fast.

Children have the super power of being able to dart into streets without looking both ways.

Crossing guards need all pedestrians, young and older, to follow their lead. People stay safe, traffic flows better, horns honk less.

Maurice Cody is now in a Community Safety Zone and fines for endangering pedestrians (currently up to $1000) are doubled in Community Safety Zones.

There is no parking at the southwest end of Cheston (south of Kiss & Ride) at morning drop off.

Traffic Map and Parking Suggestions

Let’s work together to create a safe environment for our kids in and around the school.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for safety at Maurice Cody, please email

To volunteer for Kiss & Ride, please email or