NEW!! Spring Lunch Programs

Lunch Program Registration

The Spring Lunch Program Sessions run from the week of April 8th to May 31st. Registration opens Thursday, March 21st at 8am! Check out for all the details below.
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Monday Gr 2-5

In this imaginative program, we’ll make learning about art fun! Through the introduction and exploration of some of the world’s great artists, we’ll learn about and the try out the techniques that lie behind their greatest works. Take your pencil for a walk in the spirit of Paul Klee, experiment with color like Joan Miro, or explore lines in the style of Gustav Klimt. Join us this term and we’ll draw, paint and print together!
Monday Gr 3-5
Dungeons & Dragons : Fantasy Club

Get lost in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons this term! In this unique, multidisciplinary and STEAM based program, we will engage in creating our own characters and then use them throughout exciting game play over the term. Join our Dungeon Master and embark on an exciting adventure with your mates – to solve dilemmas, engage in campaigns, and gather treasure and knowledge. …Do you have with it takes to defend the realm?
Wednesday Gr 1-3
STEAM Chess & Logic

Do you want to learn the game of Kings, Generals, Conquerors, and Intellectuals? Join us in this Beginner/Intermediate level program and we’ll show you how you can play the game of chess and WIN! In this fun program, we’ll learn to: set up the board, confidently move each piece, visualize the board to gain an edge over your opponents, and predict your opponent’s strategy and stop their plan before they’ve even tried it! Chess provides the opportunity to learn to think through complex problems and in this program, we’ll use STEAM criteria and concepts to teach and reinforce these lessons of logic. Chess is a game of Masters – now’s your chance to finally learn the ancient game of Kings and Conquerors!

Note to Parents: While this program is suitable to those with little to no experience, older children with some experience will also be challenged with more advanced strategy and gamesmanship. The game of chess is rich in learning opportunities and great for developing social skills.
Wednesday Gr 1-5
Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis

Imagine if all your stuffed animal friends had a “mini” to keep them company? In Stuffed Minis & Plush Emojis, we will learn to sew while creating miniature versions of our favourite stuffed animals and we’ll bring our favorite Emojis to life by crafting them info plush characters! This fun, hands on program allows students to complete projects quickly while also developing on basic sewing and crafting skills. Throughout the program, we will create brand-new, one-of-a-kind, miniature stuffies to hang on our backpacks, adorn our lunch bags and cuddle with our stuffed animal family! What new miniature characters will you take home?
Friday Gr 1-4
Detective Science

Finding fingerprints, testing DNA and searching for clues are just a few key components of Crime Scene Investigation. As a forensic investigator, students will participate in activities mimicking those of an authentic crime scene investigation. They will learn about the techniques used by forensic investigators, as well as methods to recreate those techniques in the classroom using teamwork and keen deductive skills. Will you discover who committed the crime?
Friday Gr 3-5
Dynamic Chess & Strategy

Join us in this Intermediate/Advanced Chess program and learn how to bamboozle your chess opponents through the use of strategy and tactics. Recognizing frequently-occurring tactical ideas is vital to success in chess. Intermediate players will benefit from the clear explanation of concepts, such as how to utilize a fork, pin, or skewer; while more advanced players will learn to plan the game from the very first move, think ahead, anticipating every obstacle opponents can throw their way and to position themselves for the strongest endgame possible. Learn how to win and have lots of fun this term in Dynamic Chess!

Note to Parents: This program is suitable to students with some experience playing chess. Students in this program should understand how all pieces move and should have played against several opponents at or above their skill level before registering. Those students with more experience will also be challenged with advanced strategy and gamesmanship. The game of chess is rich in learning opportunities and great for developing social skills.