Sydney’s Playground

Sydney Sharma

There is a beautiful stone in the kindergarten playground on the corner of Belsize and Cleveland that reads:

Sydney’s Playground is dedicated to our little girl who talked up a storm, danced like the wind and shone like the sun. A little girl whose imagination took her to places we could only hope to see. “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever ~ Walt Disney”
This little girl was five year old Sydney Sharma and she was a Junior Kindergarten graduate at Maurice Cody Public School before she passed away tragically on June 17, 2011. This play space was created in her memory for Kindergarten students to continue to laugh, play and form friendships.

A note from Sydney’s parents:

Sydney loved Maurice Cody—during her entire Junior Kindergarten year, she only missed one day of school. Even still, on that day, she started to walk to school and part of the way up Cleveland she looked to her Momma and told her that she was not feeling well enough to go to school.
Mrs. Goddard created such a wonderful environment for her in that Kindergarten class that she did not want to miss a day of the excitement of learning, playing and interacting with all of the kids in the classroom.
We are fortunate that Sydney will be forever linked to Maurice Cody, a place she adored, with the Playground dedicated to her at the front of the school. -Sara and Raj

If you have a chance to walk by our school in June, you may see pink ribbons flowing from the fence surrounding this space in memory of this beautiful little girl. IMG_8855