Technology at Cody

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Why Chromebooks and Carts?

Thanks to our incredible fundraising efforts, the Maurice Cody Family & School Association is excited to announce the purchase of 33 new Chromebooks plus a cart for their storage and charging! Working closely with Mr. Nigro, Ms Vala and our Cody teachers, Chromebooks were identified as the most-desired piece of technological equipment for Cody classrooms.
Chromebooks serve as a portal to students’ Google classroom sites, allowing them to securely access the Internet, Google Docs, Google Slides, and to collaborate more effectively with each other and with students from around the world.

Chromebooks are the leading tablets in Education and this purchase allows Cody students greater exposure and accessibility to them. This cart will add to the three Cody Chromebook carts servicing the seven Junior classes (two 2-year old carts and one 4-year old cart already seeing some wear). While the older students have been sharing access to the Chromebooks, the younger students haven’t had as much exposure.

This new cart frees up more time for the grade 4 classes to use them in projects as well as opens up more opportunities for early exposure for the five Grade 3 classes. Primary grades will also benefit from the recently refurbished iPad carts, available to them as Junior classes focus on the influx of new Chromebooks.

Talk to your children and their friends about how they use Chromebooks… they’ll have a lot to say! Some of the benefits that you’ll hear are:

    • accessing homework and projects from anywhere (Google classrooms)
    • presentation building, coding, website design
    • easy, technology-based collaboration with classmates
    • collaboration with students and classrooms from around the world
    • training and guidance for safe online research
    • paperless, eco-friendly work

    Thank you to everyone who was able to donate at our Dance-a-thon!