Parent Council

Family and School Association (FSA)

Join us September 10th at 6:30pm in the Cody Library to elect a new FSA for the 2019/20 school year.

Meetings for the 2019/20 school year

Sept 10th6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided
Oct 17th9amStaff RoomMust end by 10:15am
Nov 5th6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided
Dec 12th9amStaff RoomMust end by 10:15am
Jan 14th6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided
Feb 6th9amStaff RoomMust end by 10:15am
March 3rd6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided
April 2nd9amStaff RoomMust end by 10:15am
May 5th6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided
June 9th6:30pmLibraryDaycare provided

The 2018/19 Elected Executive Committee was:

Chair: Sarah Claydon
Vice Chair: Jennifer Ankenmann
Vice Chair: Natasha Golding
Vice Chair: Meghan Lockington-Minns
Vice Chair: Kristi Murl
Treasurer: Cecilia Kwan
Secretary: Michelle Wagland

Parent Council (FSA) Money

Each year the FSA raises funds to enrich the student life at the school. The budget is reviewed monthly at the FSA meetings. Here is a summary of how the money was allocated during our 2018/19 school year.

Roles and Regulations:

Outlined below is a description of each of the elected positions on the Parent Council.


Presides at meetings, and enforces observance of the Constitution, By-laws and Rules of Order. The Chair is also accorded rights and duties attached to the office. The Chair is an ex-officio member of all committees but may chair none. The Chair works with the Vice-Chair and the Secretary to setup the agenda of each meeting.


Assists the Chair and, in this person’s absence, acts as Chairperson. Historically, the Vice-Chair has also taken responsibility for communications.


Maintains the financial accounts and records of School Council and renders these accounts when required by the Executive Committee. This person keeps School Council funds deposited in financial institutions as approved by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer chairs a Finance Committee that proposes a spending budget and recommends proposals for allocation of funds to the Executive Committee.


Keeps minutes of all meetings and arranges to have them published on the Cody website, and works with the Chair and Vice-Chair to set the agenda for each meeting. This person keeps all records, documents and other property of School Council except those kept by the Treasurer.