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Below are a number of roles our volunteers fill each year.

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Committees at Cody

FSA Exec Team Committee

Are you interested in representing the vision, mission and purpose of the school to improve student outcomes? The FSA is looking to add Vice Chairs to its executive team, which provides a front line view into how the FSA and School partner to build a shared vision for the school and our community. This role also offers support for the Chair and the FSA in the facilitation and coordination of council meetings, communications, and events. You do not have to worry about the time commitment as being a member of the FSA Exec Team is flexible with everyone contributing around their home and work responsibilities.

Class Representatives

If you are new to the school and you don’t know what the role of Class Parent is – it is a fabulous way to get to know other parents, the kids in your child’s class and the teacher better. Every classroom is looking for one (sometimes two) volunteers to assist as Class Parents. If you would like to get involved with the school and serve as a Class Parent, please note your name, the class (teacher/grade) and your child’s name.


Work on ways to improve the safety around the school. An example would be Kiss N Ride.


Working with teachers to determine what is needed for technology in the classrooms. Example Chromebooks, Ipads etc


Additional programs for the students such as authors, X Movement, Legacy Art Project, Dance Troupes and more


Donating to another school for something they may need. For example the dual language library at Thorncliffe


Assist Ms Snow with the coordination of the Primary and Junior Choirs.


Collaborate with staff and students to look at our school’s environmental impact and develop new green initiatives to make our school more eco friendly.


Participate in the FSA budgeting process and the establishment of its financial goals. Assist the FSA Treasurer with facilitating and maintaining timely and accurate and reconciled financial statements for FSA events and fundraising initiatives. 


Help Maurice Cody’s librarian with sorting and arranging books periodically and/or assist with special events such as book fairs. Assistance minimal and variable as per the Librarian’s request.


An individual to attend the Ward Meetings and report back to the Council.


Collaborate with the School’s Health and Safety Committee to discuss and plan strategies to address key health issues such as Covid-19 and annual lice checks.


Coordinate and distribute Pizza Lunches.


Maurice Cody relies on donations from small business, corporations and other groups to help fund Cody’s technology and enrichment requirements. Do you know community members, parents and guardians who are business owners or involved in corporate philanthropy? Or those who work within the community or for a company that might be willing to sponsor or donate to Cody events and initiatives? Join the Sponsorship Committee.

Lost & Found Coordinator

Sort through the Lost and Found items a few times a year to look for labels and return clothing to classrooms. Set up opportunities for clothing to be “on display” outside for families. Organize a “last call” for items twice a year before leftover items are sent for donation.

Grade 5 Grad & Yearbook Committee

If you have a student that’s graduating this year and want to be part of the planning festivities to make it extra special this might be the committee for you. This committee enjoys planning and coordinating graduation and the yearbook and assisting with raising funds for it through the Annual Book Sale, Raffle, Good Morning Coffee Cart and the Wine Survivor.

FSA Content & Communication Coordination

Are you passionate about communications and or have a knack at content creation to promote events and newsletters? In addition to the School’s weekly announcements, the FSA also acts as a direct link between parents and guardians to provide updates and promote events and activities across our many platforms (email, website, instagram, and twitter). We are looking for some assistance to help facilitate and support the exchange and creation of clear, accurate information about the FSA and its support of the School. If you’re interested…we want to hear from you.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee

Our community is so appreciative of the passion and effort put forth by our teachers and staff at Cody. There are many ways that the FSA shows appreciation to our teachers and staff on behalf of our community (eg., Breakfast, Coordinated Classroom Gifts).

Events at Cody

Movie Night

This is a free all ages event for the Cody school. Everyone gathers on the turf with blankets and watches a family friendly movie.

Volunteers are needed for the loonie/toonie table of snacks, setting screen and playing movie.

Cody Howl

Adult only event. The gym is setup with local business donations of food and drinks. A dj or band play music and the dance floor is rocking!

Volunteers are needed to setup the silent auction, sell drink tickets, pickup donations and clean up.

Skating Party

Cody families are invited to a night of skating at Hodgson Public school. Hot Chocolate is donated, music is playing and everyone enjoys a couple of hours together on the ice.

Volunteers are needed as safety patrols on and off the ice and serve the hot chocolate.

Winter Fair

Our Winter Fair takes place inside the lower level of the school with inflatables, different rooms of activities, food and fun!

Volunteers to coordinate donations, setup, ticket sales day of, work at tables or in activity rooms.


Normally takes place in February to give the kids a break and shake out their February blahs!

Volunteer to coordinate with vendor, put up posters and report back how fun the event was.

Spring Fair

Every Spring we host a community fair in our school yard. Inflatables, tables of activities, dunk tank, food options etc.

Volunteers are needed to collect donations, setup day of, run tables and inflatables, clean up.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Every year we supply the staff at Cody with a complimentary breakfast donated by Cody families.

Receive food from Cody families, setup and then clean up.

Freezie Friday

The last four Fridays in June, tables are setup outside and freezies are sold to students at the dismissal bell.

Volunteers are needed to purchase, freeze and then sell the freezies.